Marathon Spray Booths

Marathon Spray Booths has established a reputation for manufacturing high quality paint booths that out perform all our customer's expectations and have set benchmarks for environmental safety. We have more than 50 years of manufacturing and customer service experience that we put into every spray booth, oven and related product that we sell. Whether you’re searching for an Industrial paint booth, automotive refinishing booth or truck and heavy equipment booth, Marathon has a solution for you. Our self contained smaller booths do not require ducting and our portable paint booths are used by many types of companies for jobs like painting, grinding, powder coating and in industries from automotive to aerospace.

Marathon provides affordable products that work as hard as you do. We use US parts and components for all our booths and products. We offer complete service for all our products. You will find any type of spray booth that fits your needs including including cross flow or downdraft, indoor or outdoor. We stand by our clients and products with training and support to ensure that you remain our clients for the long term.

Benefits of a Retractable Spray Booth

Mobile Retractable Spray Booths are for jobs that need rapid finishing time. Portable Retractable Spray Booths are portable and can retract up against a wall when they are not in use. This frees floor space for your every day activities. The exhaust chamber is also portable. The exhaust ducting provides for quick connect and disconnect for ease of use and storage.

The flexibility of the Retractable Spray Booth allows you to use limited space for the occational paint projects and protect your workers, building and the surroundings from the damage of over spray and toxins. They are in use by a wide variety of industries such as:

The benefits of using a Retractable Spray Booth over a traditional unit for painting, sand blasting, manufacturing or other industrial work includes the following:

Flexibility & Ease of Use

Building and Operator Safety